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Herbs and vegetation are growing all around us in the wild or in your backyard.

Many times we may overlook some of the

typical greens growing on the sides

of streets or even the path of your favorite hiking spots.


Not realizing the amazing and potentially medicinal plants we

walk by all the time. As a wanna be herbalist expert

you can get a taste of some of the following

medicinal value vegetation has to offer.



Pycanthemum virginianum known as Mountain Mint is such an herb.

Its used for to clear sinus congestion.


Lycopus Virginicus known as Bugle Weed

The magic of this plant brings a treatment for over

an overactive thyroid.


Eutroschium purpureum known as Joe Pye Weed

This plant is used primarily for a kidney stone remedy.


Hypericum prolificum known as St. Johns’s Wort

which has multiple medicinal uses,

has been used to treat minor depression

but its best use is for a pain reliever

throughout the body as it works on

nervous system of the body.


Althea officinalis aka as Marshmallow

It soothes and coats the stomach thus it helps with digestion


Angelica Archangelica is used for arthritis and for

female hormone irregularities.


Arctium lappa known as Burdock

is used for cleansing the intestines and

also helps to stabilize blood sugar for



Artemisia annua known as Sweet Annie

is used to treat worms and parasites.


Dipsacus sylvesiris called Wild Teasel

is used to treat Lyme disease.


Oenothera macrocarpa called Missouri Evening Primrose

is used to treat eczema and pms.


Monarda didyma called Bee Balm, Bergamot

is used for bee sting relief.


Achillea Millefolium called Common Yarrow

is used for blood flow and circulation.


Pycanthemum Incanum called Cherokee Sweat Mint

is used to clear congested sinuses.


In summary, just imagine the next time you stroll by some

weed looking plants or maybe simply staring at any



Stop and ponder for a moment and think of what

the plant is and what medicinal uses there are

for it. I’m sure if you had the knowledge you could

come up with some valuable information about it.


Should you have any desires to expand your green

know-how you can begin with an online herbalist

course offered by Dr. Patrick Jones.


Bottom line is when you have more data

of these herbs and vegetation you may

second guess the use of traditional medicine

for some if not most of you medicinal needs.



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