Natural Herbs Uses Review

Review of Herbal Medicine

You have perspectives from two sides. First, you have people that swear by the use of herbal medicine for health remedies.

Then you have medical doctors that are largely opposed to this type of treatment.

Can we totally dismiss both sides of this spectrum?


That is can we say that alternative health treatments are viable for medical procedures?

And conversely can we say that one should only use conventional medical treatment for a health disorder?

For example in Britain in the last two decades a rise to the demand of the use of herbal remedies that are paid for out of pocket.

Any visits to medical doctor would be covered by the health care system thus far is free to the populace.

Then why would anybody consider herbal treatments or any natural supplements for that matter?


An obvious reason to why people are turning away from conventional heath care is the existence

of a natural way to potentially treat medical issues.



Folks do not feel the conventional methods are safe or natural.

Doctors are providing procedures that may be invasive to the body

or even prescribe unsafe drugs

that can be very dangerous or have potentially dangerous side effects.


Medical professionals spend lots of time and financing to educate themselves in their respective specialized fields.

Supposedly their work and methods are based on scientific findings.


Keep in mind that most of these pros belong to medical organizations in their field.

Guess what these organizations promote

when it comes up against a leading competitor that is competition to their livelihood.


Furthermore, big pharma has close ties and relationships to this medical profession.

They also have ample financing for stocking lobbyists in Washington D. C.

The question is why would doctors not knock their competition? This is apparent.


I am not saying to completely be open only to alternative medicine

but at least have an open mind that is not subjective.

Maybe even consider using both practices together rather then just the conventional way.



If the medical profession would like to see more scientific evidence for

the use of herbal medication effectiveness

then we must spend equal amounts of funding

on research for new drug treatments and herbal medicine treatments.

Instead we have a heavily weighted investment on drug studies

which is backed by big pharma over the alternative health remedies.

We need to eliminate the conflict between the two before we make judgement.


treatment of major minor or chronic illnesses


Equally contemporary medicinal methods by the use of man-made drugs

also do not have a stellar safety record themselves.

But, yet they generally claim that the herbal remedies are not a safe treatment.

Isn’t this a case of the old adage a kettle calling the pot black.

Until the medical profession can look themselves in the mirror and make an honest assessment that

they are the better choice despite the inequality in monies spent on research then objectively I cannot side with the medical doctors.


In conclusion, this article is not to sway the reader towards the herbal treatment method only

but to be more open minded.  Have scientists spend more time and funding in alternative treatments not just the west conventional means.

Furthermore, “there is still insufficient evidence to draw definitive conclusions

about the efficacy of individual herbs and supplements for disease; however, they appear to be generally safe.”

Reference: NIH,

2003 Apr;26(4):1277-94.

doi: 10.2337/diacare.26.4.1277

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