Herbal Morning Sickness Remedies

Wikipedia defines Ginger as a flowering plant,

it is widely used as a spice and folk medicine.

This herb has been used in Asia for thousands of years.

It has been known to prevent or curb the negative effects of the following:

Heart Disease-Ginger has shown to lower blood sugar levels

Stomach Aches-It has resulted in speeding up the process

of digestion and thus the reduction of stomach pain.


Diabetes-Ginger has also shown in studies to have an anti-diabetes qualities.


Menstrual Pain-Ginger as a pain reliever can help with the pain of menstrual cycles.


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Morning Sickness-This herb has shown to be effective against various types of nausea.


Anti-inflammatory value-Inflammation can occur in parts of the body that can cause a variety of health concerns

such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.  In studies ginger has shown on its own or in conjunction with

other herbs to lessen pain from the reduced inflammation aspects.


Some forms of Cancer-The 6-gingerol is a substance plentiful in raw ginger. It reflected anti-

inflammatory effects in the intestine for some prescribed patients that had been in the early stage

of colon cancer. This has not been the same case for patients with advanced stages of this type of cancer.


Final analysis of this herb is a very promising application in a number of common health

issues that can be treated with this herb or used in some combination along with other

herbs to either curb or alleviate these impairments. Understandably more research must

be conducted to acquire more acute results. Also, like any other herb it should not be

taken in excess as it may have negative connotations for some users.

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