Anti Depression Natural Herb

Wikipedia defines Dill as an annual herb in the celery family.


Dill has been used in the past for medicinal purposes

just like other herbs and also used for cooking.

This herb’s origin comes from the

Mediterranean centuries ago.

Its medicinal usefulness in the past has been clearly displayed

by people in that region.


What is the benefit of herbal medicine you ask?

Still Doubt the Actual Power of Herbs?

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Although today’s studies haven’t definitively concluded its total effectiveness.

There seems to be some promise with some of the scientists testing thus far.

Some of the following health disorders that it has been used for are such as the following:

Treatment for UTI’s


Appetite Deficiency

Digestive abnormalities

Intestinal gas build up



Other medical remedies


A relatively recent study done in Morocco has concluded in their findings that

dill was used to measure its effectiveness for anti-depression


woman showing disappointment

and its analgesic properties to be positive for this use.

Cholesterol level reduction (source:

A study conducted by scientists has shown to reduce cholesterol in their findings in 2015.


In conclusion, further studies are ongoing for the amazing herb to fine tune

all its positive health remedy characteristics by the use of this natural herb source.

Just like any other herb it should be taken in moderation and

possibly talked over with your doctor or medical professional especially if you’re pregnant.

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