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Hello everybody and welcome to my site on the subject of health & herbs. Recently in my life I’ve had an epiphany about health and our immune system. Besides struggling to be lighter for the longest time I also wondered about the natural items that are available to us all that can have a substantial impact in our health.

I cannot honestly state I have been known as a health freak in the past but as I got older it sort of intrigued me about where I was heading in relation to possible sicknesses and age deterioration of my body. So I started to look at ways to either slow down or stop this deterioration. I do not have a medical background but I realized it wasn’t a prerequisite to make certain determinations of my health moving forward.

My decision to tell my story and expose my thoughts via this platform was a natural since this was an easier venue to share my knowledge to more people across the globe.

There are abundant natural foods that grow on our planet that have health qualities that many of us may not be aware of regarding their value for our healthy existence.

Personal Awakening For My Immune System

My realization that made me think about where I was heading health wise as I was getting older. I thought that I would at least attempt to set myself up for a better older age instead of just hoping for the best and being reliant to prescribed drugs for any sickness and disease that came from doctors.

First, what I’m going to say here didn’t come from any scientific studies but merely my own feelings and opinion. My point is plenty of my thoughts in this subject matter are just common sense without the need of medical experts having to validate any of them. Doctors and medical professionals have value in our society but unfortunately they’re not the end all in giving us the best advice for the prevention of our ailments. Furthermore, there seems to be at least in part a conflict of interest and a suspicion in these professionals whom are influenced from the pharmaceutical industry.

Second, common sense tells me that in an ideal world if we consumed the right foods with the knowledge of which helped us in whatever aspect of our body, we would have much less sick people. The know-how of which herb provides value to the appropriate part of our biological makeup and goes a long way in living a better quality of life especially as we age. This insight is not restricted to just people that are “aging”. But it is merely a point made and more importantly for aging people that crossed the apex in life. To be straight forward this reasoning comes from- as a younger person most often he/she has a body with more resiliency to sickness than that of an elder. It doesn’t mean that a younger person doesn’t have anything to gain here.

Third, prevention is paramount to keeping a healthy you, no matter your age. Prevention is how to use natural resources given to us on this planet by whether you’re religious and that it comes from God or agnostic that it just exists naturally .  The importance of vegetation including herbs which grow in abundance in various parts. No matter what you may believe as to how they came to be they are vital to our healthy biological existence.

How to Survive in an Unhealthy Environment

We live in surroundings that have biological lab testing, man-made chemicals and pollution among other non-healthy procedures. Evidently, we are fed by the powers to be that all these are needed for the advancement of humankind one way or another. I’m not sure whether this is the case cause one can make an argument for both sides of this spectrum.

Despite what one’s belief is regarding this issue you’re still left to deal with the aftermath of humankind decisions. The point being is what someone can do in the meantime to arm himself from these biological challenging threats.

Here you’ll find informative ways to build a better firewall around your temple so it can ultimately withstand more invading outside forces. Incorporating additional herbs to one’s diet than one is already using, thereby acquiring the health benefits of every one of them will only strengthen that temple’s protective shield.

Learning to live in today’s world with all the carcinogens is much different from the way man had lived in the past. Although mankind has always had access and to the use of these natural preventative vegetation. They are even more important to our health’s defensive mechanisms today than in the past.


Knowledge and Use of Herbs Can Lead to a Healthier You

Whether you have existing ailments or a desire to prevent ailments, the knowledge of what each one of these herbs can do to aid you is powerful.

Once you have the know-how it can expound in a number of ways which can provide beautiful remedies to one’s body and later it will thank and reward you. It will lead to a better and healthier self and a much improved quality of life that we all strive for.

Whether you have experienced a more holistic approach or a novice in expanding your self-bettering ways, this is the direction to embark, I would be happy to hear your side of the story.

Here’s to your health!



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